Isabella's Big Dreams

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This site is commissioned by a little girl called Isabella who has a rare form of 

Primordial Dwarfism:

Russell Silver Syndrome, 


(Maternal Uniparental Disomy of 

Chromosome 7)

We hope that this site helps you to be more aware of and educates people to this rare condition.

Small in stature but big in attitude; Isabella has a wicked sense of humour and is cheeky in the nicest way. 

Being so small and with a head full of curls is the epitome of cute! 

Both forthright and yet thoughtful and kind and just four!

Isabella stands at 85cm and weighs in at 12 kg.

This puts her peers head and shoulders (and more) above her.

Isabella has lots of issues not only with her height, but with speech and other development. We have always felt well that’s just how she is and we are thankfully all different and how great it is that we are. 

The challenge we find is a dichotomy, to ensure she is treated the same as everyone and has the same opportunities, and yet to ensure that her challenges because of her differences are acknowledged and accommodated for, both ends of the spectrum are real.

She is the youngest in our family and of course the smallest, but of course actually the one in charge.

Please feel free to navigate through this site. 

We hope to build further and should be adding all the time.

When a camel is at the foot of a mountain then judge of its height.

No one is so tall that he never needs to stretch, and no one is so short that he never needs to stoop.