Isabella's Big Dreams

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Things we would like to fundraise for to help Izzy have a childhood like her friends 

and not feel any different just because of her size.

Thanks to Anne-Marie we no longer need the Buggy but will continue to try and raise money for everything else. 

Please help as much as you can.

Thank you.


Our garden is on split levels so would need to be landscaped and made to be on one level which is a very costly thing to achieve, 

too costly for us to do by ourselves.

It would be wonderful if you could help us make this dream of Izzy’s possible, 

playing outside is something others take for granted and can enjoy running in and out whenever they please.

Izzy doesn't have that luxury like all her friends and gets upset that she can't join in with everyday activities 

that her friends all enjoy. 


I would also like to be able to buy an electric wheelchair for her 

so she can go out and enjoy herself as she gets older with her friends.

Izzy cannot walk for more than a couple of minutes or so without being in pain and getting tired 

so she has to go everywhere in a pushchair, at 4 years old this is no longer age appropriate 

and she is going to be assessed for a wheelchair  which will be provided to us, 

this will still have to be operated by me so giving Izzy less freedom as she gets older 

which is why we would like to get the electric one, which will also help her get involved with sports etc.


Also I want to take Izzy to the MAGIC convention which is held in America every year,

where teams of specialists come together along with adults and children with RSS and other rare syndromes.

Izzy would be able to meet with other children like her and know that she isn't the only one with RSS 

(as far as we know she is the only one in Wales, UK to date with RSS)  

and we would get expert advice from the doctors who have studied RSS for many years.

This again is something which we are not able to afford on our own but would love Izzy to benefit from such a wonderful experience.


Isabella cannot walk up the stairs (she crawls up and down) and cannot use the toilet due to her size 

and as such to wash her I have to lift her which is not acceptable due to the damage I am doing to my back.

I would love to have a wet room made for her downstairs which would be equipped with a very small toilet to suit her needs, 

a low sink and walk in shower to make everything accessible for her 

so she is able to have independence growing up without having to rely on me lifting and washing her all the time.


Isabella needs a new buggy/pushchair which usually we could get through our OT's but they aren't funding this 

so in turn we are hoping to achieve enough funding either from your support or from 

other companies to get Izzy an age appropriate buggy 

(we have been told she will need a specialist Maclaren buggy) 

I will be putting news of auctions, raffles, fancy dress parties etc. in the news feed once they are organised and hope that people will get involved and help us help Isabella achieve her dreams! 

If anyone wants to do any fundraising for us then that too would be wonderful 

or you can donate direct to Isabella's Big Dreams via PayPal or via bank transfer.

Your support means so much to us and to Izzy too.


Isabella needs a specialist made bike for her to exercise and join in with the family outings, 

also to help her muscle tone in her legs and build her strength up.

The bike costs £1700 and will grow with her through to adulthood. 

It will be especially made to her height and takes up-to 10 weeks to build! 

Please help us help Isabella by donating to our cause.

Thank you

Georgina (Isabella's mum)